More Malaysians suffering from digestive health illnesses

We believe this is unnecessary and unacceptable.

Digestive Health Malaysia (“DHM”), a non-profit organisation led by Malaysia’s leading experts in the field of gastroenterology, was established to offer expert advice, guidance and empower Malaysians on ways to improve their digestive health through healthy eating habits, lifestyle and health screening. DHM’s concentration areas are primarily public education, awareness and advocacy in the areas of digestive health and disease.

We are here to help you recognize symptoms that could be related to digestive disorders, understand specific digestive diseases, connect with others who have similar experiences, and find effective ways to manage your digestive health. Because cancers are silent killers often showing little to no symptoms at all, we also encourage you to go for early colorectal cancer screening. Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer among men and the second most common cancer among women. We do not want you to be a part of the statistic. At a survival rate of almost 90%, colorectal cancer screening is definitely worth it if it is detected early.

As DHM is driven byMalaysia’s leading digestive health experts, physicians, scientists and other health care professionals, you can trust us to provide you with practical, science-based information that is up to date and unbiased.

DHM Functions

  • Promote health and education of gastrointestinal, hepatic and pancreatic disease states
  • Implement programs to improve community awareness and the understanding of digestive diseases
  • Disseminate key public health messages and information as well as educational materials to members, health professionals, consumers, and organisations
  • Public advocacy


Our Mission

To empower all Malaysians to manage their digestive health with confidence and optimism, thereby reducing the prevalence of digestive health diseases.