Eating Healthy while Eating Out – Ever A Possibility?

Healthy eating is all about following a diet that is varied, balanced and moderate, to obtain the right amounts of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and even the right types of fats, according to your daily requirements. Home cooked meals are generally healthier for the whole family and is a good way of cultivating healthy taste buds among children. However, some people may find it hard to prepare home cooked meals every day, especially since most of them are working 9 to 5 jobs.

Restaurant meals generally have more fat, salt, and sugar in them. But, if you know how to choose the right types of foods or dishes, eating out can be healthy too.

Follow the tips below to make healthier choices when you eat out:

  • Don’t add “more taste” to your food with table salt or sauces and ketchup. Additionally, you can also request for your order to be specially prepared (e.g. less salt, less sugar, more vegetables, less gravy)
  • Avoid ordering fried foods such as, fried kuih-teow and breaded foods such as, chicken chops if eating out at hawker centres. Choose foods that are grilled instead, i.e. grilled chicken or fish. Also, foods that steamed and boiled are much healthier choices as they have less fat and calories.
  • Some restaurants serve larger portions, which are often too much for a person. You can share the meal with your child, or split it between two children. This avoids overeating, which may reduce the consequence of weight gain.
  • Avoid ordering drinks that are high in sugar, like carbonated drinks, canned drinks and syrups. Always take plain water whenever possible, and if you would like something sweet, order fresh fruit juices with no sugar added.