How can I prevent constipation?

How frequent one has a bowel movement varies among individuals, and there is no proper definition for “normal” bowel movement. Many people may think that normal means having bowel movement everyday; however, some people may have a bowel movement only 3 times a week, while others have it 2-3 times a day – and that may still be deemed normal!

Normal bowel movements are soft, and easy to pass. Constipation often causes your stools to be dry and harder than usual, making bowel movements painful. If you haven’t gone to the toilet for more than four days, then you may be constipated.

Your diet plays an important role in regulating your bowel movements. Watch what you eat; eating foods that have more fibre in them, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and beans, as well as wholegrain products, may likely prevent constipation. Drinking plenty of plain water and getting regular exercise as well will also get your bowels moving and reduce the chances of constipation!